Jacquelyn has been writing short stories and keeping journals ever since the 6th grade. Her three published works are must reads. From provocative thoughts about what love is or is not to America's race and equality problem to Spiritual discovery to Be-Teens' Secrets to Persephone's Adventures, Jacquelyn has messages for everybody!

Radio Show Host

She started at CBS WWJ News Talk Radio as an Intern in 1992 in Southfield, MI.  In 2008, she began producing and hosting A Different Vue with Jacquelyn Rochell on WHPR 88.1 FM in Highland Park, MI.  In 2010, she moved to WGPR 107.5 FM in Detroit, MI.  And, in 2011, she moved to BlogTalk Radio. Catch her anywhere in the world for social and political topics and a variety of music...anytime you want!

She is a Child of God who understands and embraces the fact that her divine purpose for living is to be of service.  She believes that sharing messages of repentance, redemption, and salvation is her reason service.

She has been on the public stage since she was 5 years old. Her public appearances include acting in stage plays, facilitating workshops and seminars, serving as a panel expert in Urban public policy, and hosting or serving as keynote or guest speaker at civic and special events.

Jacquelyn Rochell


Public Speaker